As a rather big treat to myself, I bought a Vitamix for my birthday. This wasn't a rash decision by any means, I've been wanting one for over three years after been mesmerised after seeing it at a food show demonstration. If you've never heard about them before, they are an incredibly powerful blender that has a price tag to match. But it isn't just a blender! It can blend raw veg and turn it into soup in minutes. A blender that can peanuts into peanut butter, Frozen fruit into ice cream and of course whizz up fantastic smoothies in seconds! Yes seconds!! The fact in does it in such a short space of time supposedly means the vitamin and nutrient content stay high, thus the name, vita-mix...

Not a day has passed since getting this crazy blender that I haven't used it!

The 'Green Smoothie' - A smoothie of both fruit and green vegetables, is another food trend that is currently going crazy. British Vogue even did an article about it in their recent issues. However I can't say that I've jumped at trying one, they look like that concoction you'd make in the school canteen which you were the dared to drink!!! That said now I have vitamix, any excuse I can find to use it the better! Plus what with the recent change in 'healthy diet guidelines' to increase our vegetable intake, it also seems to be the sensible thing to do.

At this point I just want to mention I am NOT a nutritionist. I am merely an eager vegetable loving blogger and the information on this post is from a selection of sources that I have read and heard about but is purely my opinion. So don't take things I say as gospel! Best to do some research yourself too.

So, last month it was announced that the previous guidelines by the World Health Organisation that were backed by the Government and NHS of eating 5 portions of fruit and veg should be increased to 7. A 12 year study taken at the College of London found that 5 portions was not adequate and that people who ate several portions of fruit and vegetables had a lowered risk of premature death by 42%.

Researchers also evaluated that canned and frozen fruit actually increased the risk of mortality by 17% and drinking fruit juice had no significant benefit. I personally am quite surprised at this, considering I buy fresh bananas that I then chop up and then freeze. I can not understand how a banana can go from being good for me to buy a 'risk' by freezing it. Obviously the Frozen food manufactures were up in arms about this statement and highlighted how the report itself had stated that frozen fruit is 'held to be equivalent' to fresh fruit. As well condemning the study for putting frozen fruit into the same group as canned fruit, which tends to contain higher sugar levels. If you have any thoughts on why frozen fruit could be classed as bad, please do let me know...

Another interesting point from this study was that they also acknowledged the beneficial differences between vegetables and fruit.  Each piece or portion of fruit consumed lowered the chance of death by 4%, whilst each portion of vegetables lowered the risk of death by 16%. 

What is classed a s a portion!? The NHS created a downloadable PDF with a 'rough' list describing amounts that class as a portion. For a portion you'd be looking at a cereal bowl full of raw spinach or 7 cherry tomatoes or half an avocado. Have a look at the list for the rest.

So with a standard three meals a day you'd need to be having 2 portions at each mealtime and a snack of fruit or carrot sticks. For someone like me who craves beetroot and gets excited about sweet potatoes and butternut squash, it isn't something I'd have an issue fulfilling. 

Spinach & Kale used in my Blueberry Banana Smoothie this morning that I'll blog about soon. This smoothie contains four portions of your fruit and veg for the day!?!

However 2 portions of veg in the morning with a cuppa tea?? Hmm even I thought that could be difficult, and that is where GREEN SMOOTHIES come into their own! By whizzing up this in a morning, not only am managing to consume two portions of veg but also 1 if not 2 portions of fruit to boot! So that four portions of fruit and veg and I haven't even left the flat!!

Here is one of the many smoothies that I'm currently loving!! 

Serves 2 - Equals 2.5 Portions of fruit and veg per serving!

1 Avocado
2 Large handfuls of spinach
1 large Banana (I chop these up and freeze the night before)
2 tbs Plain Probiotic Yoghurt
1/2 tsp ground Ginger
2 tsp Honey
1 tsp Matcha Green Tea (Have another post coming soon about this impressive powder!)
1 1/2 cups Oatly Milk, but you could also use Normal Milk, Almond Milk, Soya Milk, Coconut Water etc..

Put into your blender and whizz. Alternatively you could use a hand bender and put the ingredients into a jug and carefully whizz.

Lastly as much as jam jars work well you could always get yourself a insulated plastic cup. I got mine online from Starbucks but you can also get them in places like TK Maxx or from ebay. I'll be back with the Blueberry and banana smoothie soon.

Happy Blending!


The Camberwell Kitchen originated over in Sydenham as The Gluten Free Rosie Supperclub. Last summer I had the pleasure of dining at the Gluten Free Rosie Supperclub (you can read about it here) and thought it was fantastic! Six supper-clubs later, at a new location The Camberwell Kitchen was born and I managed to get myself some tickets and the chance for a second visit.

Camberwell Kitchen - Ant Saunt Rosie Norman 

Rosie, AKA, Gluten Free Rosie, is a trainee Dietitian/Nutritionist, coeliac, gluten-free cook & food blogger. Rosie’s interests are in plant-based nutrition & mindful eating.
Ant Saunt, the second half of Camberwell Kitchen, is passionate about cooking, eating & discovering the new restaurants London has to offer. He is also happens to be Rosie's boyfriend.

I went along with, Ellie and Lara, my companions for the evening. We somehow managed to be the first to arrive, which was by no means any hardship as we were warmly welcomed. Soon to find a delicious blood orange, gin & rosemary cocktail in our hand. What with all the excitement I didn’t manage to take a photo before drinking it all!? Sorry about that.

The cocktails were served in jam jars with crushed ice and a sprig of rosemary. These were partnered with a little ‘bite’ to keep us going whilst the other guests arrived for the evening. This was salmon sashimi with wasabi mayo,crispy seaweed & toasted sesame seeds. A delicious punch of heat and and fresh fish.

As the rest of the guests bundled in, we all made our introductions, with a very impressive help from Rosie who was managing to nearly name each person as they arrived!? The cosy Camberwell flat managed to squeeze 14 people along the single long table. 

As everyone settled into their seats, the first course was brought out. 

Purple sprouting broccoli with sirloin steak & hazelnut pesto. This was very tasty but I was a little surprised the see red meat on the menu for both starter and main, not that I'm complaining it was lovely but I am a huge lover of veg! I loved how last time at GFR the starter had been vegetable based. Now all the guys that were there, would probably disagree with me completely but hey that's just my opinion.... ;)

Organic slow roasted lamb shoulder with cauliflower couscous, sweet potato mash & wilted spinach. The cauliflower couscous was fantastic! I was informed it literally is a whole cauliflower whizzed up in the food processor and then had spices and fresh herbs added. The lamb and sweet potato melted off the fork and the combination of flavours were fantastic. 

Finished off with chocolate almond cake with rosemary + olive oil ice cream and salted caramel sauce. This disappeared rather quickly! The olive ice cream gave refreshing & slightly earthy balance to the sweetness of the caramel sauce and richness of the chocolate cake.

It was wonderful catching up with Rosie and finding out what she’d been up too since I’d last seen her. You may have come across her via a few interviews from Ideal Magazine , The Debrief , The Guardian , Absolutely South East (on page 47) to name a few... Rosie had been busy! It was also a great chance to finally meet the second half of The Camberwell Kitchen, Ant Suant. 

Aware that Ant and Rosie would be a little hectic this evening I asked them a few questions before my visit on the 29th to get an insight into their setup. Here is what I found out...

Have you ever been to a Supperclub yourself other than CK, if so which ones and what were they like?
Yes, I’ve been to a couple. I’ve been to James Ramsden’s Secret Larder a couple of times, I also went to this New Orleans one in Bethnal Green too (can’t remember the name). I have been to a few ‘Forza Win’ events- although not really a Supper Club I guess. I enjoyed all of them, there always seems to be such a great atmosphere.
What do you do? Is it linked with food / nutrition or cooking?
I am in data analytics in a client facing role- basically I travel around England talking to government departments helping them to use data more effectively as part of their decision-making processes etc.. So absolutely nothing to do with food unfortunately!
Rosie is a coeliac, since dating have you found your diet has changed? 
Probably yes. Not when I’m not with her but undoubtedly I eat fewer gluten based meals when we’re both around especially since we moved in together around 18 months ago.
Do you eat healthy recipes 24/7? What are your food weaknesses, the ones you can't live without?
No, I don’t eat healthy recipes all the time. I try and eat a varied diet but probably eat too much meat and too big a meal in the evening. At this stage in my life I think I can get away with not being too obsessive with my diet as I do quite a bit of exercise. For me, the most important part of eating is to enjoy it, if you spend your whole time worrying about calories, sugar and salt content etc it takes the fun away and can actually be quite harmful to the mind. I do (luckily) enjoy healthy food though. My weakness would be burgers- especially when Rosie isn’t around!
I can imagine that running a Supperclub can be stressful. How does it work that you are a couple, is it a hindrance or blessing?
It can be stressful as we’re both pretty busy but we really enjoy it on the day and whenever either of us is feeling the pressure the other one will support and help them so it’s definitely a blessing.
The Supperclub is a team effort, Rosie can link the Supperclub with her studying and blog. What do get from doing the Supperclub?
I think eventually we want to do something in the food industry so for me it’s more of a long game but in the short term I love the positive feedback and enjoyment our guests get.

What is your main goal? Nutritionist? Food writer, chef? Restauranteur? Or all three! ;)
Setting up a restaurant is deceptively tough, I don't think I'd be able to handle that! In short, I think my main aim is to make delicious food, and healthy messages, inspiring. As a young female, I particularly relate to the crazy amount of confusing health messages girls are faced with in our day-to-day lives. As a trainee dietitian, I'm being taught to critically analyse the evidence base behind nutritional science and I hope to be able to use this knowledge to dispel health claims commonly seen on social media and in the press. In about 1 year's time I will be a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist. I love to keep busy so I think I’d like to combine various aspect of nutrition together by working as a dietitian within the NHS and continuing to cook blog and write on the side. 
Any future plans? What is in the pipe line - Cookbook? TV Appearance? Vlogs? (short videos on ur blog) 
Vlogs are definitely something I’m interested in. We’ll have to see what happens this summer! 
Time keeping; How do you manage to juggle studying, blogging, running a Supperclub and on top of that keeping a healthy lifestyle, fitness?
I was lucky enough to get an i-pad from Ant two Christmas’s ago which has really helped keep me organised as I can easily access different e-mail accounts, calendars, social media platforms, science journals and news articles on a big screen, on-the-go.
I try to do what I enjoy doing to keep fit otherwise I won’t do it at all. I really like using resistance bands and body weight exercises for strength training. If I’m in a rush, I can literally just do 10 minutes of this in my fat in the morning. I also enjoy walking so if I’m travelling somewhere which can be reached by foot, I’ll try to take this route instead of public transport.

Timeout is important. How do you like to relax chill out?
I’ve just done a course in mindfulness which involves meditation. This really helps me to zone out and rationalise when I’m stressed.
I love your recipes you have on the blog. Is there any piece of equipment in the kitchen you can't live without or desperately would love to have?
 Thank you so much! I have a magimix which I use almost daily to make pesto, soup, nut butters, fresh pasta, much!   
Starting the blog at the end of 2013 you have gained an impressive following and coverage in a short period of time. What do you put this down too?
I think people are naturally very interested in health and wellness which has helped, although I ‘m still a long way from where I want to be! Perhaps due to me having coeliac disease and training to be a dietitian my blog deals with gluten-free diet from a personal level and professional level which is a fairly interesting concept. The gluten-free industry is also growing rapidly so people are often looking for recipes and advice within this field.
Eating whole foods and fresh fruit and veg is something you push on your blog and could be said to be your mantra. But what is your secret guilty pleasure that you like to indulge in when no one is looking? ;) Go on tell all! ;)
I don’t really have any ‘guilty’ pleasures as such since no food is intrinsically good or bad and all foods can be healthy or unhealthy in different quantities and situations. Weirdly if I’m feeling a bit worse for wear, I always crave sushi which is considered to be pretty healthy! However if I’m feeling really indulgent I’d choose to eat slow cooked pork belly followed by salted caramel ice-cream.
In recent times social media has had an influx of bad press what with 'trolls' and nasty comments. Have you ever experienced any of this and if so how have you dealt with it?
I haven’t personally experienced trolling, but I’ve conversed with people who clearly have no idea what they’re talking about nutritionally. I’m no expert myself, however I do have some science grounding, and nutrition-based social media platforms can do more harm than good in the wrong hands because science is often very complex. Einstein said: “The more I learn, the more I realise I don’t know”. After three years studying nutrition full-time with one more to go, I realise that I’ve barely scratched the surface of this complicated science! It infuriates me when I see high-profile people in the nutrition industry with barely any official nutrition training (e.g. not a degree) advocating people cut out food groups such as dairy without any robust scientific evidence. Some people almost treat food like a religion so when you try to tell people they are fooling themselves (e.g via following a fad diet), they react as if a foundational belief has been violated.
You are an inspiring person and blogger. Who do you find inspiring and what blogs do you follow?
So many people! I find lots of science academics who speak out in the media inspiring; Professor Tom Sanders has a no-nonsense approach to nutrition which I admire. Dr Ben Goldacre wrote a fantastic book called ‘Bad Science’ where he takes on misleading health claims in the nutrition industry. I did a bit of research and found that he’d done a TED talk, what here to get more of an insight. I enjoy following the dietitian Catherine Collins (@RD_Catherine) on twitter who is fanatical at critically analysing nutrition research. And in terms of cooking – Diana Henry’s balance approach to healthy eating in ‘A Change of Appetite’ is currently at the top of my list.  
You can fit 14 people into your supperclub. As a rough estimate, out of the 14 people, how many are usually coeliacs?
 Surprisingly not that many – perhaps 1 or 2! I have been pleasantly surprised by how many people have come because they simply want to enjoy good food. We do have quite a few guests coming with intolerances and allergies other than gluten: dairy, refined sugars and FODMAPs to name a few. This is something Ant and I make clear we’re really happy to accommodate.
Have you been to many supperclubs? And as a coeliac which have been your favourites?
No as many as I would like as being gluten-free makes it tricky. James Ramsden’s Secret Larder did a gluten-free theme at his supper club which was amazing. I really want to go to one in Brixton soon called Saltoun

The Camberwell Kitchen, seriously tasty food that happens to be gluten-free!
Well worth pressing that refresh button several times to get yourself a ticket to go! (Last time they went in 3 minutes!)

Price: £30, a cocktail & 3 course meal will be provided (BYOB).


It's Saturday morning just before 8am and I've managed to drag Ben out of bed to enjoy a beautiful, fresh morning in the seaside village of Southwold. Even though I'm an avid early riser, it isn't often I can find someone willing to join me this early, especially on a weekend morning! But we are here to celebrate Joan's 60th birthday (Ben's mum) and we're off to collect freshly baked goods and more importantly the birthday cake from a bakery called The Two magpies.

We weren't they only ones, outside their door eagerly awaiting them to open!
We managed to arrive even before they’d put the shutters up! Soon though, the blinds came up to show a wonderful display of tempting baked goods. We ordered a cuppa tea and coffee whilst we waited to collect our order. I was chuffed to find their coffee is from one of my favourite coffee suppliers, Allpress, based in Shoreditch.

Little fella didn't seem too chuffed he had to stay outside!

The owners, Rebecca and Jim are a couple, who began careers in completely different fields to what they are now doing. Jim was in bomb disposal in the Army and Rebecca was an art teacher. 

They opened the Two Magpies Bakery, back in Easter 2013, Jim has slowly got used to the baking shifts, which start at 10pm and finish at around 10am the next day! After completing his one year notice in with the Army. He finished work on a Sunday and began training as a baker on the Monday morning. Jim trained at The School of Artisan Food in Welbeck for a year, during which time he went on numerous placements to other bakeries, including Sweden.

Rebecca and Jim in the bakery
I’d been in contact with Rebecca, via email over the past couple of weeks. Both Jim and Rebecca were in the bakery at the back of the cafe, working away when we arrived. Rebecca was just putting the finishing touches to the cake whilst Jim was coming to the end of his shift. As we sat down to our caffeine they both popped out to say hello. Jim, greeted me & took me into the bakery to show me around. 

Who came up with the name for the bakery?
 The name … we like to collect things – ideas, recipes etc. We think they are an iconic looking bird, two for joy…etc, etc!

Why did you choose Southwold to open the Bakery?
 We travelled all over the UK whilst trying to decide where to open our bakery – we were looking for a town that still had a “local shopping culture” with some “must have” shops (butchers, greengrocers – but no decent bakery) We opened in Southwold because it came up first in terms of right location & property from our shortlist!

Southwold High Street
Southwold Cottages
What is your best selling loaf?
Our bestselling loaf is the Southwold Sour of which we give 10% of the sale price to local charities. We rotate our breads daily so its hard to say for sure. 

The 'specials' change on a daily basis. Today was Saturday and the specials were ‘100% Rye, Coriander and Caraway’, ‘Spelt’, ‘Oat and Honey’, ‘Pumpkin and Poppyseed’, ‘Fig and Fennel Sourdough’, ‘Stilton Apple and Walnut Sourdough’. Impressive selection don't you think?

If someone wanted to learn how to knead dough and bake the perfect loaf, do you do lessons or demonstrations?
 We don’t currently do lessons but it’s something we plan to do in the future.

Regular breads include ‘Magpie White’, ‘Magpie Wholemeal’, ‘Wholemeal Six Seed’, ‘Magpie Sourdough’, 'Southwold Sour', 'Ciabatta' and on weekends they do ‘Baguette’s’
How have you settled into the local community?
We love our locals and enjoy being part of the community. We support “my Southwold” which offers a discount on certain products daily, we have a popular loyalty card scheme and are in the process of setting up an initiative with the local primary school whereby we will give the children fresh bread every day for their lunch. We believe in the importance of good food and education about a quality product! We went into the same school last year and taught two classes how to make bread – they all went home with their own mini loaves, very proud of themselves!  We have recently launched our Saturday pizza nights – mainly aimed at take away but you can eat in – the base and toppings are inspired by our recent trip to New York to check out the artisan pizza scene there – we think they’re very exciting and a bit unique!

This sourdough starter's heritage is over 200yrs old and is used for their sourdough pizzas.
The starters are a wild yeast culture that live and feed off flour and water, they give the dough the leavening rather than using a manufactured yeast, it's the way our forefathers would have made bread and is a process that's been used for hundreds of years. 

Baker, Sam Cutter, putting the finishing egg wash onto the Brioche Swirls.
During a visit earlier this year, Jim and Rebecca were inspired to make these Brooklyn Swirls after coming across by a similar product made in 'Bakeri' a fantastic Scandi bakery in Brooklyn. The are brioche dough with kale, Monterey jack, Cheddar, Aleppo pepper flakes and egg wash. Have a look at the finishing result on their Instagram feed here.

Brioche swirls were a created after an inspiring visit to America

The seasonal menu is written on a brown paper roll hanging next to a blackboard behind the serving counter and changes seasonally, or as and when they feel inspired or have something to shout about.

Who came up with the design and visual look of the bakery?
The design was based on a clean Scandinavian look, we made loads of mood boards etc. based on things we love and then luckily met an interior designer called Paul Crofts through a mutual acquaintance and he then took on the project. 

The collaboration with award winning Paul Crofts Studios & was featured in Dezeen online magazine.

The fresh bread and patisserie is produced at the back of the shop every day, which can be seen through a window from the seating area whilst you enjoy a fresh cup of Allpress coffee.

Rebecca is in charge of the patisserie side of the business, all those delicious cakes and goodies!
Rebecca with the help of pastry assistant, Jess Hannah, create some fantastic looking treats that decorate the main window. See below just a few of their creations, from Pistachio & rose water meringues, fig and orange slices to streusel cakes and gingerbread men!

Any regrets at changing your lifestyle?
Regrets – on dark winters nights at 2 a.m. a normal life does seem quite appealing but on the whole we both enjoy being in charge of our own destiny, being creative and moving our business in the direction we want to.

Are there any special offers and deals you do at the bakery people should know about?
We can also provide larger orders for special occasions and have provided for film festivals, weddings, parties, hog roasts and BBQ's, we will need as much notice as possible for these.
Visit our shop to choose from a range of Two Magpies branded Tea Towels, breadboards, bags and T-shirts. We also have cane proofing baskets and a small selection of inspiring foodie books for sale. We sell some of the products we use in the shop; such as ‘We are Tea’ teabags and infusions, ‘Marriages Flour’ and ‘Rubies in the Rubble’ chutneys.

After a very insightful trip to the bakery, Ben and I headed back, arms laden with the croissants and the birthday cake. Ben's sister, Emily, had set up the kitchen for an impressive birthday breakfast with bunting galore.

Two Magpie's perfect croissants, beautifully fresh and fluffy!
Back at the cottage, Emily shows her mum the birthday breakfast spread!
After devouring a feast of a breakfast we headed out for walk along the beach and pier only to return back to have a cup of tea and some birthday cake! It was so big it took us three days to eat it all. Hard work, but we were happy to help ;)

Finally here is the famous Chocolate Fudge Birthday Cake from The Two Magpies Bakery!
Finally here is the famous Chocolate Fudge Birthday Cake from The Two Magpies Bakery!
You can't beat a bit of double cream, the strawberries makes this all healthy... promise...
So be sure to pop down to the bakery when you're next in Southwold. Buy some delicious bread and make a picnic for the beach or on a Saturday returning back to your holiday home, pick up a freshly cooked pizza and some delicious treats for desert. You won't regret it!

TEL: 01502 726 120