The other weekend I ventured up north to meet my new niece Tilly! Virgin trains had a deal on first class tickets which made the journey even more pleasurable. Even if I did look slightly out place between the suits. However after a couple of G&Ts I didn't really care ;)

Tilly was born early November and on that day the heavens opened and it never felt that it would stop raining. So this became my theme for her gift - Clouds and Rain, the weather.

I might as well let you know about how I'm a bit obsessed with clouds. I love them, so much so that I even own a book called the cloud appriciation society. It's a great read and rather funny too. Some may think that sounds a little glum, but this is not so, clouds and rain are fantastic!!

When Josh, her older brother was born, I got him a lovely little DW banker & decided to get Tilly one too. I was fortunate enough that Donna Wilson makes a rain cloud version (secretly I've always wanted the large sized one in blue!)

Following the theme I decided to create a little cloud mobile to go with the blanket. I'd seen on another blog someone had made one. So I decided to make something similar, using an embroidery ring, sheets of felt in blue, white and red, a bit of yellow butchers twine and use of my mum's sewing machine! I got most of the items from Hobbycraft as there is one near to where my parents live. If you're based in London you should try Macculloch & Wallis that is just off Oxford Street or John Lewis would be another good bet.

Matilda Poppy Follwell was born on Monday 11th November.
Josh now 2yrs old has a little sister to look after.

I cut out a raindrop template, three different cloud templates and a heart template. Pining two sheets of felt together, I was able to cut matching pairs for each item.

For the clouds I then sewed two quarters around the edge and stuffed it before sewing the remaining edge. The raindrops and heart, I found easier to cut out a smaller version of the shape to put inside and sewed around the edge.

These were then all hung on the embroidery ring via clear nylon thread, to give the illusion that they are indeed floating.

Have to say I was quite chuffed with the results! Just hope Tilly likes it as much as I do :)

Here is the mobile in motion!

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