Scrapper & Yeast!

My first posting! It's a bit daunting but all same quite exciting. So I've set up this blog after being badgered by few people to set it up. I think the reason is because I get so excited & enthusiastic about the random things I make, bake and create. They loose track of what I've been up too.... Anyway my new thing is Bread making!! I have actually just received my fresh yeast and dough scrapper in the post today:D I found the fresh yeast on Ebay of all places. Strange but true & I got a sample pack of 50g to start me off. So I'm now all it kitted up to get baking. I've taken a picture of my new scrapper & Yeast to show you. Isn't it a crazy Orange!


  1. I just have a question Emma, as a cooking buffoon, What's the scrapper for?
    bex x

  2. the scrapper is genius! It prevents the dough from eating you!! You use it to mix the flour and water instead of using your hands. It also cuts up the dough into sections once it has risen and it also great for getting ice off your car window :D


  3. Look out, rampaging ravenous dough on the loose! Quick beat it with a scraper!

    miss you crazy lady!