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I've had a request asking me where I found my Dough Scrapper from. It got me thinking that I should add more information about my last couple of 'posts'.

So I found both the Dough scrappers and fresh yeast on Ebay (crazy I know) so here are a couple of links to help:

Dough Scrapper:

Fresh Yeast:

All the bread recipe were from Richard Bertinet's 'Dough' Book. I also believe he does baking & cooking lessons at his school in Bath:

Ooo and I don't think I mentioned my amazing bargain!!?
A baking stone for the oven, usually around £30 for a specific granite stone. So I headed to Topps Tiles to see what I could find. When I arrived they informed my that the store was actually shutting down completely and had no stock :(

Ah ha!! Until one of the kind gents asked me a few more questions and disappeared. When he returned he was holding a pack of Granite stones. "Wow, that's perfect. How much?"
Chap: "They were just gonna go in the bin, so how about FREE?"
Such a bargain!! I ended up with 6 12"x12" stones. Just shows if you don't ask you don't get :O)

Oh to let you know, it does make a huge difference using a baking stone in the oven. Helps to get a really good crust. Just make sure it's red hot before you bake, I left it in the oven 30mins at 250 before baking.

You're also supposed to spray a mist of water in the oven, when you put the dough in. Just need to find myself a spray bottle now..

Hope that helps :D

Happy baking!

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