Best EVER Bacon sarnie!!

A whole week has passed since my last post!? I can't believe it!
Do not dispair I'll have at least a couple of posts to put up today :D

So as the title suggests I had a rather amazing brekkie this morning. Pete and I decided that we'd head over to Spitlefields to St John's for breakfast. On quite a few occassions I have been recommended to go there by Heiko Prigge, who after describing all the food to me has left me desperate to go.

So at 9.50am we arrived outside St John's egar to sample their food. Pete made us do a couple of laps around the market so we didn't look so desperate waiting for the doors to open.

As soon as we were through the door, we hit the warm cloud of fresh baked bread smells. Our brekkie soon arrived, Old Spot Bacon Sandwichs for each of us. Home-baked bread gently toasted, with thick delicious rashers succulent bacon oozzing with home-made tomie K. Everything home-made and delicious! By far the best bacon sarnie I've ever tasted :O)

They sell a good range of beautiful breads that were baked first thing thta morning. When I went to pay, I thought I'd ask if they new where I could get fresh yeast (other than ebay!?).
"Fresh yeast? We sell it here. How much do you want?"
Brilliant!! So I asked for 10g, they gave me 40g... "how much is that?"
"We have tones of it! No worries, it's free. Just make sure you back for more food :D "

So that'll be AMAZING bargin two!! I tell you what that's the second weekend I've got something for nothing. It's AWESOME :D!

Will deffinately be going back there again, hopefully next time we'll sample there lunchtime dishes - I really can't wait.

Anyho this afternoon, I thought I'd have a go at a Raisin,shallot & hazelnut loaf - I'll let you know how it goes. Oh yes, nearly forgot, I'm also going to have a go at one of my vegetable cakes too - will explain more in my veggie cake post.

Here is the link to St John's website:

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