CupCakes Galore!

This weekend I was invited to a 'baby shower' and was asked to bring some cake. I do love a reason to bake..... It was an afternoon tea party type thing I decided to have a go at a couple of new cupcake recipes.

A lemon cupcake with lemon frosting and a banana cupcake with chocolate frosting. They turned out really well. The sponge was lovely and light.

However I'm not going to put the recipes up as after trying them I felt the lemon ones could have been more lemony and the banana cupcakes were lovely but needed the frosting to have more of a cocoa hit and be a bit bitter, to counteract with the sweetness of the banana.

So I think I'll have a play around with the recipe a bit more. Once I've got it right I'll let you know.

That all said... they all went!

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