A Hungary fan

The main reason I write this blog is to keep me entertained, I enjoy chatting typing away and recording all my baking etc.. But you know I've never thought that anyone actually reads it, let alone follows my blog, well except my family - who gets told to go read it every time I do a new post ;o)

Anyway last week Pete came home from work with a small parcel for me!? He quickly informed me that he hadn't got me gift and that actually it wasn't from him at all. It was from one of his work colleague's wife, that I've never met - Virag. Now from what I can gather, Virag, originally from Hungary has been following my blog and read on a previous post about trying to find a good HOT horseradish. So she has sent me a Hungarian Horseradish to test. I'm very excited about trying it, as well as a bit scared...hmmm how hot will it be!? I shall let you all know once I tried it :O)

She also sent me some 'Household biscuit powder' which I have never seen or heard off before. I've a good old search on the web, but haven't found a recipe using 'biscuit powder'. Virag, if your reading this I'd love to know what you use it for and whether you have a new recipe I can try out on the blog?

Can't believe I'm getting sent things for my blog?! Thank you Virag :O)

Promise to keep on blogging, I know March was a pretty poor show..... only one blog!?! So I'm already thinking about what to bake/cook for next weekend. Hope all had a lovely sunny weekend. Blog soon

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  1. Hi Emma,

    I'm glad i could surprise you... :)
    As for the biscuit powder i'm always amused by clever hungarian translations which don't make any sense whatsoever. :)
    Basically what's in the mysterious bag is crumbled digestive biscuit -ideal for cheesecake base or for those chewy morsels of yours.
    Also like this recipe: http://www.lovemaegan.com/2009/11/need-easy-last-minute-dessert-no-bake.html