My sister's Easter 30th!

So this Easter bank holiday weekend was taken over by my Sister's 30th celebrations. For someone who suggested she had no friends(!?), an impressive 49 people turned up to help her celebrate her departure from 'young life!' -  lol sorry just winding her up, she's my sister after all!
My sister attacking me whilst I was baking her cake & treats! :O)
As it was her birthday I made her some tasty treats!! Firstly a huge batch of Chocolate chewy morsels , a Blueberry zest cake with a twist ( added 100g blueberries & 100g raspberries), a three tier Blackout Cake which I made on a previous post but didn't give you the recipe :-o. And finally some ubber posh JELLIES!! I've been meaning to make some jellies for my blog considering it's in the title. They were spiced mulled wine jellies with 24 carat gold in them! Yes I suppose Lou's worth it :)

So here are a few photos from the celebrations and the yummy creations I made (I'll post the recipes in the next couple of posts).

Everything seemed to go down well. There was no choc muchies, Blackout cake or Lime drizzle cake by the end of the night. The Spiced white wine gold jellies didn't seem to get the same reaction as the rest...

My cousins compared them to 'Deep Heat' rather than wine flavor and as for Mr Nigel, well you can see his reaction below! Not quite the look I was hoping for?!
Hmmm, back to the drawing board I think. Don't worry I'm not one to give up!! The search begins for the best Jelly recipe I can find. If you know of any let me know.. please......

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekends too!

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