Posh Salcombe Sausage Sarnie!

I have felt so bad that i haven't done a blog since the start of May that I'm writing this one whilst on holiday.

I'm currently residing in what I'd like to think is a secret haven, home from home - Salcombe. I've been coming here with my family nearly every year since the age of 4 and my father came here as a child with his family too. That's three generations that can't tear themselves away from this special place.
So I'm here with my Parents - Vicki & Paul, my sister & her husband, Lou & John, and my old man, Pete (who i'm sure you've heard about in previous posts) There are the introductions, now you know who's who.

Lou & John are both trained chefs, who have since moved professions. They still have a lot of  knowledge that I'm hoping to absorb :D. So yesterday, our second day in paradise, Lou decided to make a picnic to take over to East Portlemouth beach, via ferry boat.

Lou's Posh Picinic Menu:
crudities with tuna cream cheese and chive dip
followed by
posh sausage sarnies
deli pork pie
fresh baguette and camembert

The main star of the picnic were these 'posh sausage sarnies' they were serioiusly AMAZING!! Here is how Weeze (my nickname for  lou) created them:

6 proper pork sausages from Plant's butchers (back home-they make good sausages)
2 medium ciabatta loaves (fresh from salcombe bakery that morninag - AMAZINGLY SOFT)
Baby leaf Spinach
Caramelized onions:
2 sliced onions
1 tbsp oil - 20mins golden
50ml red wine vinegar
50ml red wine
1 heaped tbsp sugar - reduce till pretty much no liquid left.
Tomato Relish:
half diced onion
2 cloves crushed garlic
1 Can plum tomatoes
1 tbsp tomarto puree
4 chopped anchovies
1 red chopped chilli
1 tbsp sugar
fresh thyme

Sausages, caramelized onion & relish can be cooked a day ahead, keep covered in the fridge. Assemble the sandwich the morning of the picnic, wrap in cling film or foil. cut into slices at the picnic (helps if you have an cool bread-pen-knife like Jonboy!)
The most impressive pen/bread-knife I've ever seen!
Cook sausages under grill for the amount needed, turning half way through. Cool then halve lengthways.
To make the caramelized onion, heat the oil in a pan and then add your sliced onion - Cook uber slowly on a low heat, this keeps them sweet.
After around 20mins or until golden add the vinegar, wine and sugar and bring to  a boil / simmer and reduce till there's pretty much no liquid left. So it's nice and sticky :O) Allow to cool.
The tomato relish start by sweating off the diced onion until transparent. Add crushed garlic and the tin of toms & tomato puree. Stir. Add the chopped chilli and anchovies & sugar. Then simmer on a lowish heat for 30-40 minutes. Once thickened/reduced add chopped thyme and a bit of pepper to taste.
The Asembly!
Split the bread lengthways, spread the top with relish and the base with caramlized onion. On top of the onion add the sausage halves and spinach, press the bread top on firmly. Wrap the sandwich in clingfilm or foil.
At the picnic, cut each sarnie into  four slices.

Pete having a quick game of bat 'n ball with his invisible friend... lol!

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