Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Thought I'd bring some romance to the studio today by making these Beetroot muffins. Valentines is usually all about chocolate galore so I decided that considering everyone at work is more inclined to go for the savoury option, that's what I'd do.

These muffins should get your hearts racing that's for sure! The cayenne pepper and cocoa gives you a warm after kick that'll wake you up. Plus using beetroot adds the colour to match the days events

 I found this recipe on a random blog whilst searching for beetroot savoury muffins -  Beetroot, Carrot & Goats Cheese Muffins. However even though they look pretty... they tasted revolting!!?!?! yup they were a complete disaster... My fatal flaw was that I didn't try one until everyone else had... spat mine out! Not good :(

Back to the drawing board. Does anyone have a decent savoury muffin recipes? I need to make amends to everyone in office now! 8-O

On a happier note, few hours into the day and these arrived! 
Turns out that I have a valentine .... ;) feeling pretty lucky!
(even though I can make horrid beetroot muffins)

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