Old Greenwich Brewery

So this weekend my Sister and Jonboy came to visit. Pete saw this as a perfect excuse to go try out 'The Old Greenwich Brewery' that's recently opened in Greenwich. 
Instead of recommending which wine you should have with each course it recommends what BEER! So yes Pete was VERY excited to say the least ;o)

After what felt like the fastest walk EVER in very hot weather (see Pete in the top pic at full speed!) we arrived at the Brewery in desperate need of a drink. The service was ace and after taking one look at all four of us they appeared with four ice cold glasses of water, swiftly followed by a selection of Meantime beer :D This was a good start!

The food was divine!! Truly scrumptious! Here are a few photos of what we ate. I would definitely go back even though... I have to say the puds were a bit of a let down... I had the home-made ice cream, which was just too sweet and I couldn't finish (which as you know is unheard off for me!?). However John choose a brill pud, choc cake with the runny bit inside (I know there is a name but can't remember..) and that went down a treat!
It's situated in the Martime Naval College area right next to the Thames, so has a lovely cool breeze on a hot summers day. It's well hidden so you'll have to have a keen eye to find it. But trust me well worth the search & the hike - Hey there's a pint there with your name on it, you won't regrete it.


  1. I want to go there - address please. It's chocolate fondant and I want one :)

  2. Here you go - enjoy! :o)

    The Old Brewery,
    The Pepys Building,
    The Old Royal Naval College,
    London SE10 9LW