New Obsessions...

So as you've probably noted I having been blogging a lot recently.... Well to be fair, not at all! Well I'm here now :) better late than never ;D

So let me tell you what's been happening in the world off Wobbly Jelly!
I have joined a local group and am now officially a 'FUSS POT'. I live in a place called Hither Green, it's a lovely place, sort off village-esq. Anyhow this group I've joined F.U.S.S is a group of local individuals who care about it the area and want to make it a fab place to live. We sort out the plant pots on the street and organise events like the Christmas FUSS Fair ( which I have to say was one of the main reasons I joined ). It gives me reason to play around with designing posters etc as well as just getting to know people and also I get to chat.
We get together once a month for chat and... Champagne!! Oh we had won Lewisham in Bloom award, yeah we don't drink champagne at every meeting that would be crazy!? ;) hmmm maybe I suggest it at the next meeting?

It's funny really, I'm what... Twenty something? and the average age at the fuss meetings must be around 55-60? But you know they are hysterical and so much fun, with great senses of humour! Best of all, they encourage my geeky-obsessiveness! Hmm which some may believe, is not a good idea. But am loving every minute!

Some of the guys at work have been laughing at me (I think I scare them) Last year my thing was knitting (if you look back on the blog u might see it) The knitting began like everything else... With a lot of enthusiasm however it took me going on 2 yrs to complete one scarf....I soon moved from this skill realising it might not be a strength :s Then it was the general baking / cooking... Chutney making :)) Now it's FUSS.... what will be next...

This weekend I gained two brand new obsessions, and have to say I am soo excited about them both.
You know how the one thing everyone has these days is a computer,  a laptop? Well I don't have either. Last month I did quite a lot if overtime, and was thinking I'll invest in a computer, well an iPad.
But oh no! I might be twenty-something but GUESS what I got this weekend!!!??!!!? Seriously it's bloody brilliant! Some may even say Genius - Gorgeous - Stunning - Elegance at it's Best.

Yes that's right.. I now own a typewriter! Isn't it beautiful!? TRIUMPH TIPPA-S ALDER
Seriously planning to revert back to writing letters, well typing them anyho.Being vintage has never been so exciting!!

Once I got the typewriter home, I couldn't stop smiling. I was over the moon. However if I said this is the most exciting hing that has happening to me, I would be lying. If I said it was my biggest obsession so far, I would be lying. As this weekend I also gained something else...A brand new Nephew!
He's a great little fella. And I can't wait fulfill my role as the 'Crazy Auntie'.

 Sidney Joshua Follwell  
5th Oct 2011

I got him a little something for his arrival to the world. A beautiful lambs wool Baby Blanket with a boat sailing the sea on it. The boat reminded me a bit of the Blue Peter Boat, which I thought was apt, as my nickname for a while was ' The Blue Peter Girl'.

I couldn't help but 'go to town' on the wrapping and even decided to print my message on hessian. (my sister was a huge fan of Winnie The Pooh when she was a kid) I think it went down well.
Can't wait to see my nephew again soon....

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  1. Totally digging the vintage type-writer, although there's something to be said for being able to erase your mistakes, that's for sure.

    Anyhow, just checking in to let you know that someone's reading your blog, so you're not just nattering into the ether. :) I found you over at the London Bloggers site.

    Oh, last thing, love the button in the wrapping string. Very cool. Consider that one 'borrowed'.