Cafe of Good Hope

So after managing to get myself a two day hangover. I woke this Sunday morning with a need for coffee! After very quickly realising I had none in the house, it was decided that I should go to another Cafe off my list.
The Cafe of Good Hope is on Hither Green Lane on the other side of the tracks. It was set up by the Jimmy Mizen Foundation. The foundation was set up by Jimmy's family in his memory, with all profits from the cafe feeding back into its work. Jimmy was killed in May 2008 in the Three Cooks Bakery in Lee, around the corner from the Mizen family home. It was a terrible story and I remember it being in the news at the time, as I only live around the corner. So sad.

The two people behind the counter were really lovely and friendly. The guy was very helpful and smiley after I agreed, that I wouldn't take his photo - you see everyone wants to know what you look like now ;)  My caffè latte really hit the spot and.....  the cakes looked so fresh and so tempting I couldn't resist! Ooo a slice of that homemade Coffee and walnut cake for me, Please!
Such a delicious slice of cake. Beautifully moist, light, tasty and not too sweet. Perfect!

All the food is produced fresh. They do breakfasts, lunches, they even have a garden out back.
Will be back to try more am very impressed! And it's all for a good cause too - even better!

They also sell chutneys, preserves, coffee and loaves of fresh bread that is delivered by the 'Paul Rhodes' bakery from Greenwich, who also supply the pastries as well. The cakes however are made by the cafe and I can't say this enough - "Go try for yourself!".

It's also the small details that make a place. For example, to help encourage you to relax, let the world pass by whilst sipping on your latte, they put out a selection of papers. But what I loved even more was a small book shelf full of novels that you could borrow whilst having your coffee.
 Whilst I was there, a guy was taking advantage of this luxury and was happily sitting in the corner with his coffee and one of the many books.
On departure he placed the book back on the shelf and left. He was there before me. Wonder if is his Sunday ritual? He nips, to Good Hope has a coffee and continues with his chosen book? Or had he been there really long and is an incredibly fast reader? hmmm .... Don't you just love people watching?! :)

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