December Equals Decorations!!

This year we decided to get a christmas tree and create a few other things to help make the flat look more festive.
We wanted to try and stay away from the tinsel side of things and try some new ideas..
Here is one of the tree decorations I found from a great shop in Shoreditch called 'Caravan'. It's a great little shop with lots of unique objects and items, I could've bought a lot more but i managed to restrain myself.

We even managed to get some of the presents wrapped too. Pete got another stamp made at 'Blade Rubber' and we used it on the tags and paper - plus lots of ribbon.

I've also done a few tags with cutout too. Pritstick rules!!

My fav decoration - the star!
I made this star using bambo and cable ties, and lots of fairy lights. I have to say, I'm pretty chuffed with the results :D

Happy decorating!

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