Borough Belles Best Baker Award

So I'm not sure if you realise but as well as photography, baking, doing this blog, being part of Hither Green's FUSS, I am also part of the Committee for the Borough Belles WI.
A fabulous London Based WI group that meets up once a month to chat, learn something and eat cake!

After going to just one meeting I jumped to join the actual committee the following month at their AGM. As part of the committee I was given the wonderful job of running the monthly cake rota and ensuring that there was cake readily available at each meeting - preferably homemade!

I soon realised that the cake rota needed 'jjjoozed' up and so began THE BEST BAKER award! 
The homemade cakes were loved at each meeting and are usually eaten with enthusiasim and chat full of questions about recipes, tips and new ideas. 

"Why not make a record of the cakes, bakes and homemade makes from each meeting, correlate the cakes with their recipes and have a vote at the end!?"

All the time and effort that goes into each time a member or guest decides to make something should be recognised and recorded! We decided that at the end of it all it would be wonderful to put together a Borough Belle Recipe Zine with all the recipes with comments, tried and tested!

So far we have had some fabulous things made since the BBB Award began. From Turkish Spinach Cake to Brazilian Carrot Cake and Spicy Samosa to Jamaican Patties! 

The reactions we've been getting is fabulous and we were worried that people would keep making the same recipes, but no! It's amazing at the array of recipes people find or know and the ones that have been a families close guarded secret are even more exciting!! 

Anyone is free to enter, we just ask you let us know the recipe used. So the remaining question is... what are you going to make? ;)

For more info click the link below:

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