The Big Red

THE BIG RED is a kooky new pizza restaurant to open in Deptford, actually it's been there for a while. But considering I have only just found out about it, it feels like it's brand new! Anyway, off I went to try it out with a helping second opinion from Jo. Jo has very kindly offered to assist me in my search of new places in the local area! Thanks Jo (at the time she didn't realise I'd end up dragging her to a crazy play where she ended up having water dropped on her head!? :s Yeah, sorry about that )

I believe it was originally an old disused double Decker bus that is situated next door to the Bird's nest pub before it was transformed into The Big Red. Such a brilliant idea!
So as you can guess, all the indoor seating is situated inside the bus (upstairs and downstairs) and then there is the seating outside on the decking, half of which is covered by a canopy.

They also offer hiring out the whole bus if you fancied having a party there. They're happy to offer this this on either a Wednesday or Thursday.
I think the idea is great and the design of the website is great - really love it!

Wonder if Jo got very far?....

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